Weekend Tasting:  Beaujolais!
to Nov 26

Weekend Tasting: Beaujolais!

It's "Beaujolais Nouveau" season, the release of new vintages from southern Burgundy!  Although legally connected to the famous Pinot Noir region, Beaujolais has enough heart and soul to stand alone.  They retain a long history of making wines using the Gamay grape (gam-may), an awesomely unique alternative the typical Burgundian Pinot Noir. 

To celebrate the new vintage, some Beaujolais winemakers typically release a portion of their product 6 to 8 weeks after initial fermentation, specifically on the 15th of November.  This wine is bright, juicy, fun, and it offers an image of what the entire harvest will taste like upon it's later release date.  Avid followers of the region and it's winemakers rejoice and henceforth party like it's 1999. 

Not to be outdone by its northern neighbors, the winemakers of Beaujolais also release wines using Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, truly making them a versatile region.  Legally established as a wine region since 1937, they are only just getting started.  Come celebrate Beaujolais wine with us!

3 wines - $15  //  1 wine - $6  //  3 ounce  pours

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Wine Class:  Back to Basics
7:00 PM19:00

Wine Class: Back to Basics

There is no such thing as a silly question when it comes to wine. What exactly does a decanter do? How long does a bottle of wine stay fresh after it’s been opened? Do vintages really make a difference?

Sip on some wine and soak in some knowledge on Wednesday November 29th during our back to basics wine class with special guest host, Brad Patrick from Wine Insite.

Brad will be covering topics such as how to read a wine list and wine pairing 101. And, we’re uncorking a photo-worthy finish (quite literally)—come for the wine, stay for the saber—Brad will be teaching you the beginner’s guide to sabering a bottle of wine!

Tickets available HERE

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Weekend Tasting:  Washington State
to Dec 3

Weekend Tasting: Washington State

Washington State's viticultural history parallels California's but it wasn't until the 1989 when Wine Spectator awarded 5 wineries a place on the coveted Top 100 that solidified their reputation as a world class region.  Washington actually is the second highest production state in the U.S.  The Cascade Mountain range that runs through the state makes Eastern Washington perfect for wine cultivation.  Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay and Riesling are the principal varietals planted and some of what we will be exploring.  Join us while we taste winter friendly juice from the Evergreen State. 

3 wine - $15  //  1 wines - $6  //   3 ounce pours

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Align + Wine:  Yoga and Winetasting
11:30 AM11:30

Align + Wine: Yoga and Winetasting

Ready to refresh your yoga practice and taste buds? Join Shavonna the First Sunday of each month at VinoTeca for her signature Align + Wine Yoga class. Come enjoy a yoga session that will Align your body with postures to decrease stress, build strength, and improve flexibility (mentally and physically). After we Align, get ready to Wine with tastings guaranteed to expand your palate and maintain your Zen! Space is limited so grab your tickets today!

Tickets Available HERE

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Weekend Tasting:  No Sulphur, No Problem!
to Dec 10

Weekend Tasting: No Sulphur, No Problem!

Sulphites is a nickname for sulphur dioxide, or SO2, which acts as a preservative for food and wine to prevent oxidation. Though naturally occurring in all skinned fruits, sulphites can be additionally added to wine during fermentation or after bottling to ensure quality when it is enjoyed. Only 1% of the world's population has an aversion or allergy to sulphites, all others aversions are usually from tannin or histamines acquired during the winemaking process. When a wine crosses our path with no additional sulphites, we pounce like an alley cat. FREEDOM!

3 wines - $15  //  1 wine - $6  //  3 ounce pours

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Cocktail Class:  It's Bitter(sweet) with 18.21 Bitters
6:00 PM18:00

Cocktail Class: It's Bitter(sweet) with 18.21 Bitters

In preparation for the holiday season, we’re getting more familiar with the trendiest mixers on the menu—bitters. From Grapefruit Lavender to Ginger Lemon and every flavor in between, just a couple drops can transform a cocktail for the better.

On Sunday, December 10th, our certified sommelier Janeen Jason will be joining forces with Nic Vaughn from 18.21 Bitters - a local producer of cocktail accompaniments- to explore the ways that bitters can elevate your cocktail. Each bitter is unique in the taste and the quality it possesses. This interactive workshop will show guests how to mix them into four (4) cocktails featuring a Sherry, Cava, Vermouth and Cider.

But the fun doesn’t stop once class is dismissed! (You didn’t think we would just let you leave without the tools to show off your new found bitters mixing skills, did you?) All guests will receive a gift bag with the ingredients to make one of the cocktails demonstrated in the class.

Tickets available HERE

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Weekend Tasting:  Boss Wine!
to Dec 17

Weekend Tasting: Boss Wine!

One of our favorite tastings of the year!!  Our 'Boss Tasting' is our exploration into our higher end wines that are sure to impress even the most fickle connoisseur.  Each day this weekend we will rotate wines that are priced in a tier you reserve for only your best friends - or that boss you're trying to impress!  We will be exploring international varietals with a focus on exclusivity.  Join us for this special tasting and bring anyone on the 'nice' list!

3 wines - $25  //  1 wine - $10  //  3 ounce pours


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Weekend Tasting:  Christmas Lottery!
to Dec 24

Weekend Tasting: Christmas Lottery!

It's the hap, happiest time of the year!! VinoTeca is celebrating by opening what moves us.  We will be pouring three wines which will be picked randomly from selections of favorites from the year.  Join us as we pop bottles and toast to friends and family!

3 wine - $15  //  1 wine - $6  //  3 ounce pour

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